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Gracie Barra Tarzana was established in July 2019. We opened our doors to the community welcoming all to one of the finest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu establishments in Los Angeles. Not only do we train with the best at all levels, but we offer a family-like environment that can be felt when walking through the door. We provide the highest levels of service from instruction, cleanliness, and organization. We invite all to come and try the experience for themselves and welcome all to join the Gracie Barra Tarzana family!


Practice the building block techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. These techniques include closed guard, open guard, mount, side control, and etc.

ages 16+

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We provide children with a welcoming environment that allows them to participate in and comprehend Jiu-Jitsu .

Ages 3.5-17

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Gracie Barra Tarzana is proud to have a team of world class instructors and athletes certified through the Gracie Barra Instructor Certification Program to deliver the highest standard of instruction to our students.

Edwin Najmi

head instructor

Professor Edwin began training under Professor Romulo for more than a decade and is one of the world's most renowned Lightweight Jiu Jitsu fighters. Not only does he train his students at Gracie Barra Tarzana, but is also the head grappling coach for many UFC and MMA fighters who are fighting in the top tier of the Martial Arts world. Professor Edwin will continue to compete and coach his students and athletes at the highest level.

Romulo Barral

Head Instructor

Professor Romulo has not only competed and been victorious at the highest level of Jiu Jitsu, but has also taught and coached three of the best Jiu Jitsu champions in the past five years, Professor Edwin Najmi, Professor Gabriel Arges, and Professor Felipe Pena. Providing the highest level instruction and training has raised the level of our Gracie Barra team to the highest and we will continue to grow under Professor's tutelage.

Fabio Trindade

Head Youth Instructor

Multiple Time IBJJF Tournament Champion, MMA Fighter, Current Top Ranked IBJJF Masters CompetitorProfessor Fabio is a legendary fighter having come up the ranks of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during the same time as Professor Romulo, even facing off with one another in the Brazilian Championships. He is one of the best instructors because of his wealth of knowledge and his dedication to the craft of developing Jiu Jitsu within our youth programs.

Sophie Lee

Women's and Youth Instructor

Coach Sophie Lee has been training under Professor Romulo and Edwin since 2012. She is a fierce competitor and extremely attentive coach. She has been leading our Women's classes since its inception, building a Women's program that institutes techniques for both self defense and sport Jiu Jitsu